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Ashley Crispin Ackal Explains How Probate Can Lead to Delays

The death of someone can be a trying time for loved ones but the aftermath can be very stressful and tension-filled if the person’s will is disputed. When that happens, there is a good chance their estate is going to end up in probate court. Ashley Crispin Ackal, estate trial lawyer of O’Connell & Crispin Ackal PLLC, is the type of attorney you will need if you find yourself in this position.

When someone passes away, several people may come forward to contest the will they left behind. They may also contest the living trust and other documents the person created before he or she died. Once a dispute of this nature ends up in the court system, it can take months or even years to resolve which is why it matters to obtain an attorney, such as Ashley Crispin Ackal, to represent you and your interests in the probate case as she can help decrease the amount of time it takes by reducing the number of delays.

Ashley Crispin Ackal of the law firm of O’Connell Crispin Ackal of West Palm Beach, says that there are several things that people can do to avoid probate in the first place. One of those things is to work with loved ones to ensure all of the proper documents are in order and signed. She said it is important to write a living trust so that assets are distributed to the trust instead of through a will.

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Ashley Crispin Ackal also recommends naming beneficiaries on all types of accounts, including retirement and bank accounts, and to hold property jointly with the individuals you want to leave the property to when you pass away.

Ashley Crispin Ackal said the unfortunate part of estate law is that many people do not create a living trust before they die so a will has to be probated instead. When this happens, the issue has to work its way through the court system and the attorney fees and court costs are deducted from the gross amount that is involved in the estate. Depending on the total amount of the estate, this can be a major amount of money that is being spent.

A trust litigation lawyer of more than a decade, Ashley Crispin Ackal of O‘Connell Crispin Ackal in West Palm Beach offers an array of services that can help to move the process along in a more timely manner by helping people to understand why the will is being contested. She can also litigate the trust and administers the estate properly and efficiently.

Ashley Crispin Ackal of O’Connell Crispin Ackal West Palm Beach said that as soon as a person dies, it is helpful to work with an estate trial lawyer to be prepared ahead of time for probate so that the entire process moves along at a faster pace and everyone can move on with their lives sooner.

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