AshleyCrispin Ackal Estate Trial Lawyer West Palm Beach
Ashley Crispin Ackal Estate Trial Lawyer West Palm Beach

Ashley Crispin Ackal – Proving the New York Times Wrong

On September 26 this year, The New York Times ran an article essentially stating that COVID-19 would set women back 10 years in terms of their achievements in the workplace. Ashley Crispin Ackal would beg to differ. Not only has she been actively working a full career as a partner in a business, but she’s also an active mother of three sons at the same time.

Ashley Crispin Ackal has spent a career dealing with challenges and obstacles. As a lawyer, she worked from a starting position fresh out of law school to a full-fledged attorney, case after case, trial after trial. And two years ago Ashley Crispin Ackal then made the big leap and left the safety zone of the firm she had worked at for years to start a new firm as a partner. A working career woman Ashley Crispin Ackal has had plenty of people try to limit her aspirations and what she wanted from life but, like the lawyer she is so much of, she pushed through the chatter and has achieved her career accomplishments anyways.

Ashley Crispin Ackal Estate Trial Lawyer West Palm Beach (4)While the world could have taken her elsewhere, Asley Crispin Ackal has also stayed close to home. Originally raised in West Palm Beach, she took a stint at the University of Florida but eventually returned to practice her legal skills in the same town Ashley grew up in. Practicing for decades, Ashley Crispin Ackal has also achieved one of the greatest challenges in life, being a successful parent to not one but three kids at the same time of holding down a full-time job. Most would assume a working mother would take time off or transition to part-time work. Ashley never compromised herself in that regard. Instead, she found a way to achieve both great works in her life, her children, and her career.

Now, with her own business and partnership in the law firm of O’Connell & Crispin Ackal PLLC, Ashley has reached a new zenith of her career and personal accomplishment. Still dedicated to her family and community, Ashley Crispin Ackal continues to be a practical example that women not only are not falling behind but are in fact taking 2020 to move forward even further. While articles like those in The New York Times might be based on assumptions of statistics that are often not completely detailed in the same writings, Ashley Crispin Ackal and her work is real, not estimated, and rooted in practical terms.

So while the newspapers can prognosticate on what might happen to women in articles that speak in general terms. Asley Crispin Ackal focuses on the evidence and actions happening in real-time. And that perspective has allowed her to ignore a lot of naysayers over the years, even those from big newspapers speaking from the sidelines. And there’s plenty more in legal land waiting for accomplishments by Ashley Crispin Ackal; O’Connell Crispin Ackal of West Palm Beach also gets to see achievements as well for the community as a whole.


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