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Ashley Crispin Ackal: Why It is Better to Plan Ahead and Avoid Probate for Loved Ones

Ashley Crispin Ackal Estate Trial Lawyer of West Palm Beach with O’Connell & Crispin Ackal PLLC, understands the importance of preparing ahead of time for the end of your life. The last thing anyone wants to do is to leave their loved ones in a horrible situation with family members arguing over who gets what items or money that you leave behind.

Ashley Crispin Ackal, who has handled hundreds of estate and trust case litigations, recommends that you meet with an attorney who specializes in estate planning to create a will. Your attorney can assist you in filling out estate planning documents and creating a will that works best for you and your situation. This process will assist you in determining if the will you are leaving behind when you pass away is fair to all of the people you love the most.

Ashley Crispin Ackal, who is part of the law firm she operates with Brian O’Connell, O’Connell & Crispin Ackal PLLC, located in Palm Beach, FL, where Ashley Crispin Ackal resides, says that at the time a will is created, you should also make plans and record them regarding your wishes when it comes to your funeral and burial. This will save your loved ones the grief and stress of being forced to make those decisions when they are mourning your death. You should not only ensure your estate planning attorney has these documents but your loved ones as well.

Ashley Crispin Ackal also recommends that you make a list, complete with contact information, for anyone special that you met throughout your life that you would like to be contacted to inform them of your death. This will help your family out tremendously and make things easier for them, turning a very difficult time in their lives.

Ashley Crispin Ackal suggests that everyone should begin saving up money for their funeral and burial expenses in a bank account so that the money is there for that purpose when you pass away. You can also obtain a life insurance policy that will pay for your final expenses in the event of your death so that your family is not shouldered with that cost.

Ashley Crispin Ackal stresses the importance of communicating all of your wishes to your family, along with informing them of your will, where it is located, and the information it consists of so that they can be prepared. This will ensure your wishes are carried out while alleviating stress from loved ones.

Ashley Crispin Ackal is a mother of three sons who began her law career with a local West Palm Beach law firm before resigning in 2018 to branch out on her own by creating O’Connell & Crispin Ackal PLLC with her friend, Brian O’Connell, who has also served as a mentor for her.

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